Stretching an Isolated Artist’s Social Sphere

The Little Mermaid’s Shoes

Last night I got to sit down and work a little more on my current WIP. One of the challenges of being diligent and managing my time is that at night Hubby likes to watch something on the Tv to “unwind”. And usually he wants me to be there. Night time is uninterrupted time for me to get anything done in my studio, so I’m torn between being a couch potato and spend my precious time watching movies (that I’ve seen already usually) or be away in my studio doing art. Being a mom is tiring, and so just vegging on the coach is such a temptation. Because of lack of discipline I’ve accumulated weight gain and regret of wasted time, instead of accumulating more finished art pieces and meeting goals. Which leads to feeling depressed. Tired of being a lone artist, and thinking I’m being frugal by learning from books and YouTube videos I decided to take the leap and take an oil painting class. Although I had taken oil painting class in college, I didn’t apply myself and take advantage of the opportunity. It has been so so long since I’ve re-entered a class-like setting. Whether it’s rational or not I was nervous.

I’m now about six classes in. I’m glad I took the step to sign up for a real-time class (instead of online). One of the pleasures of taking a real-time class is meeting real people face to face in my community. No longer feeling so isolated I can interact with other creative people. I didn’t realize that I didn’t have a separate social sphere from m family until just now. Bonus! Something of my own, venturing out from the family nucleus (stretch, breathe, yes!). Hubby has his coworkers and church, my kids have school and church. Everyone have their own separate spheres of social circles, converging with church that we all share, but I had just the one, church. I don’t even have a mother’s group because I’m somewhat new(er) in our area, and the people I do know are at church and they are scattered around, none of them live close by. Suppose this is a hint of what I’ll be figuring out when empty-nest season comes upon us; what makes up my life separate from being a mom or a wife?