Still lifes and Saucers

It’s getting toasty around here. The PNW has been waiting for its days of continuous sun and warmer temperatures for months now. The weather with its on off of the clear skies with chilly sunlight and moody overcast clouds and buckets of rain was on the verge of being called bi-polar.

The kids have one more day of school and then they are free from school. I always like to tease them that there’ll be Mom-homework during the summer because i know how much they’ll miss it. The kids can’t get on with summer soon enough in their minds. Especially my daughter. This school year was a real challenge; for her and for me. So, in some sense I’m ready for summer too.

fullsizerender 2
Saucer and napkin sketch…what’s missing??


Speaking about education. I started taking an oil painting class at the local art center. We’ve met twice now, and I have to admit, it’s so nice to get out among real people with similar interests. I’m somewhat a shy person and hesitant with taking that first initial step into doing something new by myself. But, I knew I was lacking the comrade-like connection with other artists when I’m at home trying to do art. So this mom/artist has art homework just as my kids are freed from it.

I gave myself a drawing assignment: a circlular object seen at an angle and keeping it proportional. As I was drawing my still life set up for oil painting class, and then drawing this it really made me slow down. I’ve forgotten how observing something to draw really requires you to remain focused. (I can’t tell you how many times I was easily distracted with having to check things on my phone) The sun moved quickly and the temperatures got too heated for me to add the mug – yes, a mug – of tea where the shadow on the saucer falls. Oh well, it was a good start.



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