Moving slowly from sketch to final piece

The sun is showing itself a little more frequently the past week. Which means good and bad things for me. Good in that I’m so ready for sun and warmer temperatures. Flowers and trees are budding and it’s refreshing to see colors other than grey, dark grey, and more grey. The downside it means it’ll become more difficult for me to focus on my stationary indoor activities, specifically studio time, and I’m fighting the urge to buy up every single plant in the nurseries.

Distractions are so, well, distracting. Especially when one is terrible with keeping on task. I’m trying to manage my time better and be more purposeful and productive. Because, well, because I have an ultimate goal I want to achieve. (Maybe I’ll tell what my goal is soon. When I’m ready to declare it to the world and not feel like a fool, maybe.)

So my current project I’m working on is a small one. It’s from a sketch I did a few weeks ago. I finally got around to feeling motivated enough to carry it through as a finished project. However, it’s taking me a while to complete because it’s spring break and the family has been out doing activities. (Makes me a little panicky about summers.) Yes, the “balancing” of family life and artist life is very difficult, and I’ve not figured out how to do it. It seems either my family life lags or my artist life suffers, which makes for a very unhappy mom/artist person.

Anyways, turns out I didn’t center it like I thought I had and so I’m wondering how to remedy that. Along the way I felt the border was rather boring so I spent a little bit of time doodling out border patterns. As you can see I ended up with mussel-like shapes growing off the border and tiny barnacles. How it turns out will be fun to see.