How Do You Start Your Day?

Here is photo manipulation of handlettering and some flower “branches” from our hedge out in front. The firey vibrant colors make me think of flames.  Which in turn made me think of the fire in our hearts, our passions, drive or motives as we set about through the day. When people view your art are they drawn to the Great Creator, Jesus Christ, who created them, created you, created everything? Whatever I make I want the joy of God glows through me to the final product, bringing glory back to Him. Thus, I must mindfully start my days with God in the forefront of my life so He can fill my heart with His Joy. This will be a challenge for me; for the human heart is easily drawn to darkness and daily living has many distractions. 

“You reveal the path of life to me; in Your presence is abundant joy; in Your right hand are eternal pleasures.”  Psalm 16:11