Regaining the Wonder of Christmas

Every year the holiday season seems to accelerate into an impossible speed of craziness. And before I know it Christmas has come and gone. I’d like to change that by being more purposeful with Advent. (Yes, it is here already.) And how much I, and all of mankind, need this time to slow down, refocus, and prepare our hearts for this Hope-filled birthday of our Lord Jesus Christ. It is He who gave the most glorious gift on his day of birth to anyone who is willing to come and accept it; Himself!

Unfortunately, this celebration has been turned into something other than what it originally was suppose to be about. I don’t want my children getting sucked into what the world has spinned Christmas into. They need to be reminded of the hope and wonder that comes with His birth. That’s what gives Christmas its indescribable “magic”; the impossible becoming touchable and known. 

I linked a YouTube video of a classic Christmas hymn. A little something to help kick off the Advent Season, and get us more into the heart of Christmas!



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