Yes, I finally drew something!

After the MATS Bootcamp ended at the beginning of the summer I didn’t really have any regular assignments to prompt and motivate me to get creative and practice. And I won’t mention that I didn’t do anything relatively creative during the summer. Yes! The whole summer I didn’t have any creative art time! I can’t believe it either….Well, that’s what happens when the kids are out  for the summer. And the house gets boxed up for moving. Which didn’t happen. Yeah, good times…

So since July I’ve been itching for some serious creative time! Thank goodness for the trusty ol’ pencil and paper when all the “fancy” materials are packed. And camera. And internet connection. So, yes, I’ve dusted off my sketch book and pencil and sat down…. AAaand Nothin’. For a while nothing was all I had. Then I remembered Illustration Friday! The theme is octopus! Not bad. I like sea creatures. Octopus is interesting, unusual. I’m sort of good at drawing them. But did I want to draw an straight up octopus? How could I make it different? Let’s see…. I like faces. And the octopus doesn’t really have a face…Should I give mine a face? But then, who hasn’t done that? How about doing a girl octopus?? Oh, that’s been done many times too. Hmmmm. I have to remind myself not to make things more complicated than necessary. Ok, back to the face on the octopus…. Where to put the face….

Can you find where I put the face? ;P  




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